Legend of the Mist Walker: Magichero

part 60: The Fall of a Kingdom

April 15, 2014


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Random Ramblings


Picking up the pace a little bit. The comic will now update four times a week (with Sinner updating on Wednesdays) until it is finished. Enjoy!


Dear Reader,
After much consideration—and with no small sense of reluctance—I have decided to bring Magichero to an end once the current storyline is complete. This will occur at the middle of the year, unless I pick up the pace (which may happen since I’ve always kept ahead of schedule).

Even though I’ve tried to work in advance, I have strove to maintain a weekly quota. And to be honest, it has become increasingly difficult for me to meet my self-imposed deadlines. So unfortunately I’ve decided to wrap things up much sooner than I originally planned (though hopefully the story will have some sense of closure).

I thank everyone who took time to read my little tale, and I hope it brought you a little bit of joy.


all art and story © by Jeff Wilson